Name Link Description
BPPRC Link Bacterial Pesticidal Protein Resource Center
BtToxin_Digger Link BtToxin_Digger is a mining tool which integrates BLAST, HMM (Hidden Markov Model) and SVM (Supporting Vector Machine) prediction modules. It takes genomic data from sequencing projects and searches for proteins with similarity to those in the BPPRC.
GitHub Link Get the development version of BPPRC database from Github
Old Bt nomenclature site Link Old Bacillus thuringiensis Toxin Nomenclature
Old Name/New Name table Link Look up any old / alternative names for a current pesticial protein, or vice versa.
Statistics Link See the numbers of proteins in each protein category
Toxin complex (Tc) database Link A resource for the insecticidal Tc proteins
TOXiTAXi Database Link An online database showing the activity of selected pesticidal proteins against a range of insects and highlighting antagonisitc and synergistic interactions between them.
Tutorial Link BPPRC database tutorial